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Are you thinking of using Gigantic to sell tickets for your next event? Below you'll find everything you need to know about the outstanding ticketing service we provide and what we can do to make selling tickets for your show easier, leaving you free to concentrate on your event.


High Capacity Ticketing Site

We are proud to offer your customers a seamless ticketing experience. As event lovers ourselves we know how frustrating it can be when a website crashes or places customers in a virtual queue. Our versatile website is free from crashes and glitches.

Hassle-Free Event Set-Up

Setting up events can be a hassle, but luckily for you it'll be a walk in the park. We reduce all of your admin responsibilities by taking your event information and turning that info into an engaging campaign page for your customers to purchase tickets.

Mobile Device Compatibility

To ensure purchasing tickets is even more convenient for your customers we'll also list your event on our streamlined mobile website for effortless purchasing on smartphones and tablets.

Whitelabels & Customised Ticket Portals

Don't fancy sending customers away from your site to purchase tickets? That's why we can build at our cost, a secure, white label site, which can be easily and quickly integrated into your website so that your customers always stay within your brand. Our white label system will also enable us to collect valuable customer data regarding your event on your behalf.

Facebook Integration

Events are one of the most social spectacles on earth, which is why we can set up a tab on your Facebook Page to let you sell your tickets direct from your social media site.

On-Hand Account Management

At Gigantic we specialise in providing clients with the best account managers in the country. Your manager will be on-hand at all times to provide you with friendly support and guidance from their years of expertise in the ticket industry.


Low Booking Fees

Our booking fees are among the lowest in the industry, so your customers will be more likely to book advance tickets.

Outstanding Customer Service

We aspire to provide your customers with the best customer service in the business. Our hands-on, friendly and efficient customer service team will always be at hand to give your customers complete peace of mind.

Print At Home Tickets

If postage or time is an issue we can offer your customers the option to print their tickets off at home. A great benefit to this print at home option is the fact that it gives customers the flexibility to write individual attendees names on each ticket. These tickets will be one hundred percent secure for your customers to use thanks to the inclusion of a unique barcode, which will help make their purchasing experience even easier.

Third Party Partners

We can assure your event gets the VIP treatment by listing it on a whole host of our third party media partner sites across the web such as Songkick, Time Out, Absolute Radio, The Guardian and many more.

Support for Good Causes

At Gigantic we pride ourselves on our caring approach to ticketing. That is why we can offer your customers the option to donate to good causes like Oxfam and Macmillan when purchasing tickets if you wish.

STAR Registered

We are a full member of STAR - the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers. STAR is the leading self-regulatory body for the entertainment ticketing industry across the United Kingdom, with many of the biggest names in ticketing as members, such as ourselves. As STAR members we are certifiably a safe and reliable place to buy tickets at their face value plus booking fee.

Secure Ticketing Printing

If you need physical tickets for an event we can provide tickets to your specification, printed on our own Gigantic ticket stock, or your own ticket stock if compatible. Gigantic ticket stock includes a convenient tear off stub, hologram, barcode and security numbering.


We can also provide your customers with an e-ticket for quick and easy box office ticket collection. Your customers will receive all the information they need for their ticket collection via email and simply have to provide their emailed reference number and ID at the box office of the venue. This information can then be validated by the box office who will have access to a definitive guest list that is generated when the event is taken off sale.

Confirmation Emails

To help add another level of personalisation and security to your event we can create a personalised confirmation email for all of your customers' ticket purchases. This will further cement your brand, provide social sharing opportunities, deliver important contact information and let your customers know their purchase has been successful.


Social Media

Getting your event out into the public domain is our number one priority. To help you do this we will make use of our thousands of social media followers on Twitter and Facebook to promote your event to as many potential customers as possible.

Advice & Support

Need any advice for your promotional marketing strategies? Our team is always on hand to lend their support and guidance from their accomplished experience in event promotion.


Your event will receive a prominent position in our weekly customer newsletter. With a mailing list hundreds of thousands strong we can guarantee your event will be getting the attention it deserves.


Ticket Scanners

If you have a large event and would like Gigantic to be a part of it, we can provide you with all the scanning solutions you'll need. With our scanning equipment and our superb customer service we can give your customers a very warm welcome to your event.

Help Desk

Got an event management query? The Gigantic team will be there at all times to assist you throughout the entire event process.

Barcode Entry Systems

We've felt the pain of many event queue and no customer likes any nasty surprises when they hand their ticket over. That is why we ensure that all of our tickets are barcoded to be compatible with every existing barcode reader entry system.

On-Site Box Office Management

Our services don't just stop at scanning - we can take care of the full on-site box office management at your event. With Gigantic at the helm of your box office you can rest assured your event and customers are in the best hands in the business.


Fraud Protection

It is essential that your customers feel safe purchasing tickets from Gigantic and it is imperative for us to ensure that their transactions and card details are one hundred percent secure. We use 3D secure technology to provide full fraud protection to give your customers peace of mind with every purchase.

Quick & Easy Payments

Payment is paramount, which is why we make sure that we transfer your funds to you as soon as your event has taken place.


Customer Data Collection

We know how important data is, which is why we always give you access to essential information about your customers. We can provide you with the email addresses, mobile numbers, addresses, genders, names and other required purchase information for all of your customers*. This data will help show you who your customers are and allow you to target your marketing efforts more effectively in the future.

*This data can only be transferred if the customer agrees for their personal information to be passed on as required by the Data Protection Act.

Campaign Reports

Want to know how your event is performing? We'll send you clear and informative reports as often as you like, along with detailed customer reports.

Secure Dashboard Login

Are you a bit DIY? We can give you and your team a secure dashboard login so you can take a real hands-on approach to your events metrics. In this dashboard you will be able to view collection lists, create customer data reports, take your event off sale and view those all-important sales figures at your own leisure. If that wasn't enough you can also request specific questions to be answered by your customers during their purchase to gather further data for your campaigns.